Here’s Why You Should Take Every Little Opportunity That Comes Your Way

3-14-16 You should take on every opportunity that comes your way

“When opportunity knocks, will you answer the door?”

Sure, fine, whatever, I get it. That’s a very tired, old, worn out cliché of a metaphor, but the question remains: will you? Will you answer the door when opportunity comes knocking at your door, or will you metaphorically check the peep hole and sheepishly back away into nothingness?

It honestly is that simple, and maybe that’s why the tired, old worn out cliché of a metaphor is still alive and thriving into today’s world. Opportunity is that thing that everybody wants, not everybody has and everyone is secretly petrified of. Opportunity is that thing which is needed to get a person from the depths of their own shortcomings to, at the very least, the next step in whatever it is that the end goal may be.

Opportunity, although as stated already is essential to achieving your goals, can be daunting, because it comes along with the idea of truly putting yourself out there. Nobody likes doing that. Not even the most extroverted of people. It goes a little something like:

“Hi, I heard there was opportunity here. Oh, I’m going to have to be vulnerable and maybe do stuff that isn’t the coolest thing ever before I get to do what it is that I want to, but this uncool stuff may somehow prove that I’m ready for that cool stuff? Geez, well when you put it like that, I don’t know.”

That’s what opportunity feels like: you know you want it, you know you need it, but actually acting on it when it comes around for some reason can feel like your worst nightmare. Well, here’s why you should take every little opportunity that comes your way (hoping restating the title here is as exciting as that moment in a movie when they do the same thing. No? Okay, moving on).

So, whatever your end goal may be, you should always be willing to take on any opportunity that comes up. This is something I can personally speak to being a writer of all things Internet. Yes, you may have seen my name floating around various depths of the Internet, or not and are thinking I’m pretty smug for thinking you have, but point is I’ve continually taken any opportunity that came my way and made something of it.

We don’t have to go into my just barely budding career highlights and lowlights (read: living in my girlfriend’s parent’s basement pretending to be a writer, living on a salary of $0/hr.), because if you’re that curious you can add me on LinkedIn. Actually, I take that back, because I don’t need the anxiety of trying to decide whether or not to view your profile, because I know you’ll see that I have and that keeps me awake at night. Anyway, if you do find your way to my LinkedIn profile you’ll see one thing: I’ve done a lot of random shit.

And, why is that? Because, anything that I saw as an opportunity to grow myself as a writer I took it. I’ve written things (many things) for free. I’ve had jobs that would make anyone born before 1990 blame me for the failing industrial complex. All of that has gotten me here, and I don’t even mean writing this particular piece, but I mean here to this day, which is another day closer to whatever it is that I’m trying to achieve.

However, as cool and humblebraggy as all that sounds, every time something comes up, my mindset is:

“I kind of wish I could just skip doing this and get to the point of my career. Ugh, why must I continually forge ahead?”

The answer? Get ready for another tired, old, worn out cliché of that has somehow stood the test of time in its relevancy in today’s society:

“Nothing good in life comes easy.”

I assume that particular tired, old, worn out cliché came alongside an audible groan from any readers who’ve made it this far. And, I must admit I did the same thing as I typed out those words, but the fact is that it’s unfortunately true.

So, again, whatever it is that you want to do with your life, you could:

     A) take the first thing that comes along and just pretend to be happy with it
B) continually seek out and answer the knocks of more opportunities

Choosing the latter indicates that you’re finally beginning to understand what it means to take the opportunities that come your way and make them into something that pushes you further into your personally definition of success. That in turn is a heavy reminder that:

“The journey of a thousand miles starts with just one step.”

Alright, that’s my final tired, old, worn out cliché of a metaphor, but I’m hoping it drove the point home.

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