6 Tips for an Insanely Productive Day


1. Dream On
If pressing snooze is a consistent part of your morning routine, press on. But enjoy those precious extra 20 minutes responsibly by preparing for your day the night before. Select a spot near the front door to place everything you can’t forget. In the morning, you’ll be able to grab-and-go.

2. Driving Efficiency
Your morning commute is valuable time that can be better spent. Take advantage of the quiet time by making calls for that long overdue dentist appointment or catching up with old friends and family.

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3. One-Click Time-Savers
Out of your favorite pens? Favorite vinaigrette? Toilet paper? These days, online shopping is more than just a bad habit. Sites such as Amazon offer dry grocery items, toiletries and cleaning supplies. You’ll get exactly what you need and avoid a trip to the store.

4. Map Your Errands
When dry cleaning drop-offs, library pickups and clothing returns pile up, cut down your at-the-wheel time by plotting out your destinations before you leave. Pro tip: Liven up Errand Day by catching up on your favorite podcasts or audio books.

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5. One Batch at a Time
Is your to-do list a mile long? Batch your tasks by category (household, work, health, etc.) and knock them out all at once. You’ll be more efficient and save your brain the strain of switching gears.

6. Quick Pay; Quick Save
Embrace the power of your smartphone. Many banks offer remote deposit and bill pay features with their mobile apps. Forget that trip to the bank, and pay bills from the comfort of your couch.

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