15 wonderful smiling animals to brighten your day


Feelin’ heated? Look at me and chill out!

We all love and adore animals, but their behavior can still be a mystery — they’re so much like us sometimes. There’s one thing they do which is instantly recognisable, though: they can smile, and they do it with the sincerity that many humans aren’t capable of.

Laughter makes you live longer!

The eyes are indeed the windows to the soul.

There is a place for a smile everywhere — even underwater.

Please, take a seat and tell me about yourself. I’m all ears.

Who said sticking your tongue out can only be a rude gesture?

If you wanted to know what «rolling on the floor laughing» looked like, here you are.

This guy sure looks like he’s in paradise.

Smiling even while sleeping is an art.

A-ha! There you are!

I’m sweet even when I’m not smiling, but when I am, I become irresistible!

He’s so cute I want to cuddle him for the rest of my life!

Sorry, I’m a little high on the sunshine.

Hey, guys! Want to take a walk in the woods? It’s gorgeous out here!

I feel really happy today.

Adapted from: Mother Nature Network

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